Another Ruffle Sweater

Sarah, from Sweet Pea and JoJo did her own Ruffle Sweater Redo!  She went ruffle crazy, and I love it.

So. Fab.


4 thoughts on “Another Ruffle Sweater

    1. Ok, so now I realized that’s not you and your sweater…but still I have sweaters that need ruffles and I need some Jess teach me time :)

      Your grey one is AMAZING! But I love the mega ruffles she has going on here and around the neckline…let’s learn how to do that!

  1. Glad you gals like it. Doing the ruffles is easy. I cut two inch strips from an old t. I fed them through my sewing machine. Put your tension on high and the stitch length as long as it will go and the knit will ruffle right up!

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