Sewing Around the Blogosphere…

There are so many fun things going on around the sewing blogosphere right now. Well, aren’t there always?!

Here are the super fun things that are catching my eye right now:

Project Run and Play

This week is Boy Week! [Which is obviously my fave]. I really loved the looks from Delia Creates and Welcome to the Mouse House.


Andrea at The Train to Crazy is the genius behind this. Take sewing-related pictures and post them on Instagram/Twitter with the hashtag #iSew. As if I needed more reasons to take sewing-related pictures… ;) [you can find me on Twitter or Instagram @iftheywouldnap]

Sewing School

Nicole at Simple Homemade is doing 31 Days of Sewing School. I get lots of comments from people saying they are too scared to try something sewing-related. Don’t be!! Sewing is not scary! Nicole is starting with the basics [including hand-sewing], but even if you’ve been sewing for awhile, I know you’ll pick up some good tips.

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

Eeeek!! It starts next week!! If you’ve been around my bloggy for awhile, you know that every year I participate in KCWC [put on by the lovely Meg from Elsie Marley]. Most years I am not nearly as successful as I set out to be, but I always come away from the week with at least a few garments. This year, I’m planning to make pants. Lots of pants. My boys go through pants ridiculously quickly, between the growing and the holes in the knees… yikes. Maybe I’ll throw a few other things in there, depending on how much they actually let me sew.


This week I’ve been busy altering a bridesmaid’s dress for this weekend and taking my fourteen-month-old to get stitches [not a good sign for the future…] I’m excited to get to some good sewing next week for KCWC!

Are you joining in on KCWC? What sewing fun have you been following out in bloggy world?

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  1. I’m participating in KCWC, for the first time. I hear you on the pants. I have two cut out and in the line-up for next week. I’ve loved everything that Heidi at Elegance and Elephants has put out at Project Run and Play. Such terrific looks for little boys and that duffle coat this week is beautiful.

  2. Thanks for the link love! :) I’m bummed I just found out about KCWC but hopefully next year I will get on that. I have a million unfinished kids projects– the worst is when they outgrow before I finish!

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