A girl-sewing must have…

oh hey there… remember when i used to blog? or remember when i used to have time to sew? yeah, that was pretty awesome.

i’ve got some lovely things to share with you soon. but today i have THREE out of four boys napping at the SAME time. so i ate ice cream and watched gilmore girls while boy number one played nintendo [that bought me some glorious alone time, so obviously i had to say yes when he asked].

in the meantime, please go and check out this labor of love from my friend jess, The Sewing Rabbit and four other fabulous designers.9327661454_02cf568aae_o

the five and ten designs ebook is an amazing idea – one basic pattern block, five designers, ten different ways to use this pattern. if you sew for little girls, you need this in your life. these designers are so lovely and you will not be disappointed. [no one asked me to share this with you, and i don’t get anything for doing it – i just want you to know about something awesome]

happy sewing, friends!

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