Straight Lines and Angles – a geometric sewing series!

Well, I know I said I would share my exciting news with you yesterday, but life with four kids can be a little… unpredictable. ;) But it was worth waiting even another day, because starting next week I’m hosting a series that I’m super excited about!

Straight Lines and Angles

This series is called Straight Lines and Angles and is all about sewing inspired by the geometric trend. I asked a bunch of bloggers [that are ah-MAY-zing] to join up and share something inspired by shapes, lines, etc. I’m can’t even tell you how geeked out I am that so many of them said yes!

So for two weeks, from March 17th – 28th, I’ll be blasting you with some fabulous inspiration. Prepare yourself, friends. Maybe make a geometric pinterest board. Oh hey, I already did!

Take a look at who’s coming over to play….

Straight Lines and Angles Bloggers
I know, right??! So good.

And as if that wasn’t enough, there will be a giveaway! I’ll share the details later, but here’s a little teaser…


Yay!! It’s going to be so fun! :) Happy sewing, friends!

3 thoughts on “Straight Lines and Angles – a geometric sewing series!

  1. I’m anxious to see clothes and read sewing details of this UNIQUE sewing series: “Straight Lines and Angles” starting March 17. With 16 participants in a dozen days, I’m certain I’ll be AMAZED at the creations. Sarah Helene in Minneapolis

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