Costumes of Halloweens Past

With Halloween approaching, I shared on my Facebook page that this year I’m not making one.single.costume. That feels a little like a dirty little secret! I’ve made quite a few costumes over the years, but sometimes the dress-up bin full of costumes and the half price thrift store costumes are a better decision. I thought I’d … Continue reading Costumes of Halloweens Past

Luke Skywalker Costume Tutorial

This weekend I wore jeans and a sweater, which can only mean one thing… it’s fall! And that means that we need to start thinking of costumes! For the third year in a row, I’m participating in the Handmade Costume Series at The Train to Crazy. This year, I decided not to ask my almost … Continue reading Luke Skywalker Costume Tutorial

Upcycled Elephant Costume Tutorial

Have you made your kids’ Halloween costumes yet?! I’m usually such a procrastinator. I probably would still be sewing if not for Andrea’s fabulous Handmade Costume Series. [check it out – over 65 costume tutorials between this year and last!] Today I’m bringing home my upcycled elephant costume tutorial, originally posted as part of her … Continue reading Upcycled Elephant Costume Tutorial

Handmade Costume Series – an Upcycled Elephant Tutorial!

Last year, I had the privilege of being part of Andrea’s Handmade Costume series. It was so much fun [you can see my tutorial from last year here]. I’m so happy to be over there again this year, sharing another costume tutorial! So come on over to The Train to Crazy and check out my tutorial, … Continue reading Handmade Costume Series – an Upcycled Elephant Tutorial!

iPod costume: a tutorial

Um, who else just realized that it’s almost Halloween?  And the homemade costume you planned on making isn’t quite finished started?  But it’s not too late to whip up a quick Halloween costume for you or your little one!  You may have seen me post how to make an iPod (or iPhone… or iPad) costume … Continue reading iPod costume: a tutorial

Handmade Dressup Series – iPod Costume Tutorial!

Happy Saturday, friends! Today I’m guest posting at The Train to Crazy as part of Andrea’s Handmade Dressup Series [which has already been so awesome and has only just begun!]  I’m sharing a super fun and easy tutorial for you to make your child [or yourself!] an iPod costume. So follow me on over to … Continue reading Handmade Dressup Series – iPod Costume Tutorial!

Straight Lines and Angles Day 8 – Kitschy Coo and RaeGun Ramblings

Thank you so much to everyone who had so many kind things to say about my Project Run and Play look yesterday! And to everyone who voted! It means so much to me. And it’s not too late if you haven’t voted yet :) Go here to vote for my shark look! Our first guest … Continue reading Straight Lines and Angles Day 8 – Kitschy Coo and RaeGun Ramblings