Upcycled Adventure Tee: pattern anthology make (believe) collection

Today is the last day of the latest Pattern Anthology collection, Make (Believe). I sewed up an Adventure Tee, and I can’t wait to sew the rest of the collection! The Adventure Tee has a bunch of different options, and it’s perfect for boys or girls — the whole collection is! Short and long sleeves, … Continue reading Upcycled Adventure Tee: pattern anthology make (believe) collection

Upcycled Small Fry Skinny Jeans

If you haven’t heard of the Small Fry Skinny Jeans pattern from Titchy Threads, I’m super excited to introduce you. Friends, I have found a new favorite pattern! Since this is a skinny jeans pattern, your fabric needs to have some stretch. As I was looking through my stash, I remembered a pair of stretch … Continue reading Upcycled Small Fry Skinny Jeans

Sewing Tip: making the most of upcycled tees

Sometimes finding the right knit fabric can be tricky. Local shops don’t always have the widest selection, and while I love to shop online [Girl Charlee and The Fabric Fairy are some of my favorite sites for knits!] sometimes you just need to feel the fabric to know if it’s going to work for you … Continue reading Sewing Tip: making the most of upcycled tees

15 Upcycled Sewing Project Ideas

Hooray for Earth Day! One of my absolute favorite things to do is to scour thrift stores [or our closets!] for fabrics to repurpose into something else. Call it upcycling, refashioning, or repurposing… there’s just so much possibility for new life from things that have been discarded and forgotten. So to celebrate Earth Day, I’ve … Continue reading 15 Upcycled Sewing Project Ideas

Upcycled Elephant Costume Tutorial

Have you made your kids’ Halloween costumes yet?! I’m usually such a procrastinator. I probably would still be sewing if not for Andrea’s fabulous Handmade Costume Series. [check it out – over 65 costume tutorials between this year and last!] Today I’m bringing home my upcycled elephant costume tutorial, originally posted as part of her … Continue reading Upcycled Elephant Costume Tutorial

Handmade Costume Series – an Upcycled Elephant Tutorial!

Last year, I had the privilege of being part of Andrea’s Handmade Costume series. It was so much fun [you can see my tutorial from last year here]. I’m so happy to be over there again this year, sharing another costume tutorial! So come on over to The Train to Crazy and check out my tutorial, … Continue reading Handmade Costume Series – an Upcycled Elephant Tutorial!

An Upcycled Slim Fit Tank

A couple weeks ago, I made my oldest this upcycled, striped tank. It’s upcycled from a Target clearance tee [$2 for an XXL, if you’re wondering]. Once again, marrying my love of stripes and refashioning. The ribbing was also upcycled, from an old tank of mine. It was WAY stretchier than the ribbing I used … Continue reading An Upcycled Slim Fit Tank

Upcycled Plaid Shorts

Alright, I’m getting back on track after a few frustrating days of sewing mistakes and mishaps. These shorts are upcycled from an old button-up shirt of my dad’s that my mom brought me one day (thanks, Mom!).  The shirt was really thin, so they’re lined with an old white T-shirt. I made these flat-front, like … Continue reading Upcycled Plaid Shorts

Quick Upcycled Tee

Oh, spring.  I have been waiting and waiting for you.  Thank you for finally showing up in the midwest.  It seems my 16-month-old is at a serious loss for short-sleeved T-shirts, though.  This seems silly to me, since he has an older brother.  Maybe I should check that growing pile of laundry in the basement?? … Continue reading Quick Upcycled Tee

Simple Upcycled Maternity Shirt

In my quest to spruce up my maternity wardrobe, I did a super quick upcycle of a regular T-shirt to make it maternity. This tee began as a two sizes too large thrifted find (the same style I would normally buy from Target), and with a little added ruching to the sides, became a more … Continue reading Simple Upcycled Maternity Shirt