Sage Homeschool Community

A community for homeschooling moms to support and encourage each other

Because motherhood is better together.

We aren't made to homeschool alone.

Homeschool moms need community. We need each other to walk through this homeschool journey. Let’s carry each other through struggles and cheer each other on when we have homeschooling wins. This community is made for us to encourage and learn from one another!

What does the membership include?

It's like a virtual moms' group, so grab your coffee or tea and join us!

Join as a Founding Member for only $15


Sage Homeschool Community

Community, education, & encouragement
for homeschool moms
to walk this journey together

The price goes up July 16th!

July focus: planning, schedules, and rhythms

August focus: homeschooling confidence; preventing burnout

September focus: teaching outside the curriculum

Meet Jess

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm a former elementary and preschool teacher turned full-time homeschooling mom. I have un-learned a lot about schooling and what it looks like to live a life of learning - not just "go to school." I live on a mini-homestead in Wisconsin with my husband, five boys, and 14 chickens. When the weather allows, I try to grow as much of our food as I can. I'm a make-your-own kind of girl: I sew my own clothes and love to cook from scratch. I also love to have a clear calendar, so that I can fill it with spontaneous adventures and lingering coffee chats. Our homeschool days are filled with books, hikes, and lots of creative exploration. It's also really, really loud here... and I love it!



Mama to five homeschooled boys, ages 4-13


years in the classroom

Former Preschool and Elementary teacher



Mini-homesteader with chickens and countless plants


This membership is for new or veteran homeschool moms who are looking for community, encouragement, and education. 

You will pay monthly and can cancel anytime.

You are locked in to your membership price once you join. If you cancel and the price increases, you will be charged the higher price if you re-join. The price will increase after the Founding Member launch.

Founding members are given the best price, since you are the first members of the community! This will be the lowest price ever available.

In the membership you will get access to:

  • exclusive monthly blog posts
  • live Q&A videos each month
  • monthly interviews with veteran homeschool moms
  • access to a private Instagram account with an exclusive feed for members
  • discounts to the Silo & Sage shop


Sage Homeschool Community

Community, education, & encouragement
for homeschool moms
to walk this journey together

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