Complete homeschool blueprint

Break free from the system to find complete freedom in homeschooling

The complete blueprint for building the homeschool that helps your family thrive

Your homeschool can be enjoyable, inexpensive, and finally fit your family well.

with zero pressure to look anything like school!

You don’t need to flounder around, wondering if you’re doing it all right. You don’t need to feel stuck in a cycle of constantly buying new curriculum.

let me guess

right now you're feeling...

Tired of the grind and ready to find a different path

Sick of fighting with your kids over lessons and bookwork

Overwhelmed by all the curriculum options and how much money it all costs

What if I told you there was another way?

a way that works for your family, and doesn't fight against it

Here's the truth:

It's possible, and even easy, to build a homeschool where your family thrives.

And I have the blueprint that makes it possible.


Complete Homeschool Blueprint

The only course that offers you homeschool support from A to Z. From building a homeschool that fits your family, to ditching the school system mindset, and helping you choose the right tools for a thriving home education!

this bundle of homeschool courses will teach you how to:

Build the homeschool that fits your family... and that your family will actually ENJOY!

Ditch the school system mindset and guide your kids in natural learning

Choose the curriculum that fits your family, learn through play, AND how to create your own unit studies so you don't need to buy as much curriculum!

Your dream homeschool and freedom lifestyle are waiting… are you ready to take the next step?

you'll get access to all of these courses:

how to homeschool workshop

a quick how-to for the new homeschooler (or their spouse!)

Get your beginner questions answered, so you can start homeschooling quickly and legally. These videos are short and sweet, so if your spouse is on the fence about homeschooling, you can watch them together to get on the same page.

delight filled homeschool

for newbie homeschoolers or the veteran who needs a fresh start

Build the homeschool that fits your family. This course gives you all the nitty-gritty details about how to start homeschooling, choosing a style or method that works for you, and practical teaching tools. 

homeschool the non-school way

for the family that wants to ditch the system

Ditch the school system mindset, and learn how to stop relying on curriculum alone to homeschool your kids. No more fighting with your kids about lessons and bookwork! Learn how to guide your kids in natural learning and to create unit studies, so that you don’t have to keep spending so much money on curriculum.

the curriculum cure

guidance on choosing curriculum

Learn how to choose a style of homeschooling that fits your family’s needs and choose the right curriculum that’s right for you. This course is not available for purchase outside of the Blueprint!

play your way to reading

for prek-2 families learning to read

Guide your kids in learning how to read in a developmentally appropriate way. No worksheets or flashcards necessary! Play-based phonics and literacy activities that will help your kids be excited about learning to read.

raising self-directed learners

when you want to raise kids who think for themselves

Learn strategies, tips, and a framework for raising kids who are critical thinkers, self-directed learners, and not just box-checkers. Learn to be the guide instead of always just the instructor. Step back and don’t plan every minute of your kids’ day! This course is not available to purchase outside the Blueprint.

guided learning printable bundle

printables that will help guide your kids' learning

Not your typical fill-in-the-blank worksheets! This bundle of printables will help guide your children in independent leraning, thinking for themselves, and responding to what they read in a thoughtful and meaningful way. You can use these alongside any curriculum or without curriculum at all!

and that's not all!

I’ve baked in some super special bonuses to help you.

pay in full bonus: how to do it all e-book

Spoiler alert: no one can do it all! But you can learn some of my secrets for balancing home, motherhood, and homeschool so that you don’t burn out or lose your sanity.


You’ll only get this e-book if you pay in full!

affordable homeschooling e-book

Can you afford to leave your job, homeschool, and do it on one income?? Learn the best tips for saving money, low cost homeschooling, and a ton of ideas for bringing in additional income while homeschooling your kids!

“I felt inadequate and overwhelmed, but Jess’s modules were extremely empowering for me. They gave me a footing and a place to start.”

- Kate

so, who exactly is this for?

This course is designed for you if:

Just in case we haven't quite been introduced before...

I'M jess, former elementary teacher & homeschool mom of 5 from kindergarten to high school

My family and I live on a small homestead in Wisconsin, where we grow a lot of food (and a lot of weeds) and have a flock of 20+ chickens. I’m a lover of all things handmade, homemade, and homegrown. I left my elementary teaching career to stay home with my kiddos, and we’ve been homeschooling since the beginning! I turned my love of teaching into a passion for helping moms find the joy and delight in homeschooling their own kids.

are you ready to

break free from the system to find complete freedom for your family?

Pay in Full

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Payment Plan

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Don’t just take my word for it…

here's what some past students have to say:

“Jess’s homeschool course was so well organized, helpful and what is more, encouraging. She took what can be a very daunting experience and made it do-able, achievable, possible. Thanks Jess for your work and your passion in your own homeschooling and in helping others make it work in their homes!”

- Linn


“Moments into reading the introduction, I knew I had made the right decision. I gleaned wisdom from each lesson Jess taught. Her care to create something that flowed so well from one lesson to another made it easy to move through.”

– Michelle


“This has helped my 5 year old start to learn to read. Although she has not learned to read yet, this course has given her an awesome start. Jess has also been a huge encouragement to me on this homeschooling journey.”

– Andrea


“As a mother of 5 young kids, I floundered to know where to begin homeschooling and what it could look like with a big family. I felt capable and released of any pressure of how homeschooling should look.”

– Kate

all of your questions, answered.

Q: Is this course for me?

This course is for anyone at any place on their homeschool journey! It covers everything about homeschooling from A to Z.

Q: How long do I have access to the courses?

You will always have access to all of the courses included in the Blueprint, including any future updates.

Q: Are the courses live or self-paced?

All of the courses included in the Blueprint are self-paced. You can go through them as quickly or slowly as you’d like.


Your dream homeschool and the freedom you want are waiting…

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