Silo & Sage Community Forum

A private, social-media free place to have conversation about motherhood, homeschooling, homemaking, homesteading… ask questions, get advice, give recommendations, and find like-minded community!

Why the charge to access the forum? This is to weed out spam accounts or trolls who just want to cause problems. We want people who actually want to be here and participate in the conversation! This is only a ONE-TIME charge — there aren’t any recurring fees.

This forum is included with any purchase of one of the Silo & Sage programs, courses, workshops, etc. – so if you’ve purchased any of the following programs, you don’t need to buy access to the forum:

  • Cultivate Your Home membership
  • Delight Filled Homeschool
  • Play Your Way to Reading
  • How to Homeschool Workshop {not included with the Off Grid Bundle purchase – you must purchase separately}
  • The Curriculum Cure
  • Raising Self-Directed Learners
  • Homeschool Course Bundle
  • All Access Pass

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