Sewing for Boys

Here you can find inspiration to sew for the little men in your life! Click on the picture to take you to the post!

DSC_2855DSC_0452DSC_0120DSC_0294DSC_0545boy sewing inspiration and tipsDSC_0247DSC_0382DSC_0174this is fun tshirtDSC_0558kudzu515MustHaveClothingPatternsforboys_zps2b9cdbaaDSC_0287_zps2a280a77

shark3DSC_0085DSC_0711DSC_0600DSC_0777hangout robeDSC_0548mustache vintage vneck  if only they would napfedoracasual comfy kindergartenDSC_0822DSC_0577DSC_0277_2DSC_0229DSC_0514DSC_0204Embroidered Fireworks T-shirtcoastal craze baggies and lazy days romperDSC_0345DSC_0715spring brights GAP knock offDSC_0947DSC_1033DSC_0588DSC_0886DSC_0882DSC_0505DSC_0369DSCF7507DSCF7411DSCF7338DSCF7138DSCF7107DSCF6908DSCF6895DSCF6816DSCF6799DSCF6750DSCF6730DSCF6708DSCF6656DSCF5338DSCF3396DSCF2460

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