Delight Filled Homeschool

Don't just survive homeschooling. Delight in it!

Feel confident and excited to build a homeschool that works for your family.

You can confidently homeschool your kids!

Delight Filled Homeschool will walk you through the practical aspects of homeschooling and help you move beyond curriculum and test scores to a homeschool that you and your kids both enjoy.  

You're thinking about homeschooling, but...

If you found yourself nodding along to any of this, Delight Filled Homeschool is for you.

"Moments into reading the introduction i felt at ease knowing i'd made the correct decision."

“From the reminder to allow each child to learn in a way that makes sense for them to the encouragement to take each step with care, I felt validated. Homeschooling can feel daunting at times. Especially when blessed with children that have different learning styles. 

I gleaned wisdom from each lesson Jess taught. Her care to create something that flowed so well from one lesson to another made it easy to move through.”

- michelle




Delight Filled Homeschool

Don’t just survive your homeschool. Delight in it!

"I felt inadequate and overwhelmed, but her modules were extremely empowering for me. They gave me a footing and a place to start."

“I took Jess’ course right after I decided to pull my kids out of their school (in the midst of the pandemic) and homeschool them instead. 

The vision she shared made me feel like even I could do it when I really wasn’t sure if I could. She gave a big picture vision for what homeschooling can be as well as super practical tips for how it can look for different ages throughout the day.

As a mother of 5 young kids,  I floundered to know where to begin homeschooling and what it could look like with a big family. Through Jess’s encouragement, I felt capable and released of any pressure of how homeschooling should look.”

- kate

What you'll find inside the course...



Module 1

This module will walk you through:

  • creating your goals and values as a homeschooling family
  • reframing your thinking on school
  • assuring you that you DON’T have to be an expert to homeschool and how to have confidence in yourself as a home educator and in your decisions
  • defining a wide variety of homeschool styles and methods
  • handling others’ opinions on your decision to homeschool 



Module 2

This module will guide you in creating a home learning rhythm that fits your family. It will cover how to develop a homeschool schedule that works for your individual circumstances. It also guides you through encouraging your kids to be independent – meaning you DON’T entertain them all day long.



Module 3

This module will get into the nitty gritty of practical homeschooling — even if you don’t have a curriculum picked out yet. It will cover a wide variety of activities you and your kids can do together, without diving all in to a curriculum or spending lots of money. We discuss methods for teaching math, reading, writing, and even transitioning to the older years.



Module 4

In this module, we’ll cover how you can incorporate:

  • arts, creativity, and music
  • unstructured play
  • outdoor time
  • movement
  • a healthy balance of screen time



Module 5

This module will cover a lot of common questions like:

    • What should I do with my preschooler?
    • My five year old isn’t reading, what do I do?
    • How do I make my kids learn from ME?
    • How do I homeschool multiple ages at the same time?
    • How do we socialize our kids if they’re not in school?
    • How do I homeschool on a budget?
    • How do I find time for myself and avoid homeschool burnout?



Module 6

This module dives into curriculum, giving recommendations, lists of free and paid curriculum options,  along with other resources and supply lists. You will also get an exclusive discount code to the Silo & Sage shop.

What's Included?

You will get 25 videos, written content, printable worksheets, and exclusive access to a private Instagram feed just for students. You will get lifetime access to this online course, including any future updates.

Meet Jess

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm a former elementary and preschool teacher turned full-time homeschooling mom for the past ten years. I have un-learned a lot about schooling and what it looks like to live a life of learning - not just "go to school." I live on a mini-homestead in Wisconsin with my husband, five boys, and 16 chickens. When the weather allows, I try to grow as much of our food as I can. I'm a make-your-own kind of girl: I sew my own clothes and love to cook from scratch. I also love to have a clear calendar, so that I can fill it with spontaneous adventures and lingering coffee chats. Our homeschool days are filled with books, hikes, and lots of creative exploration. It's also really, really loud here... and I love it!



Mama to five homeschooled boys, ages 6-15


years in the classroom

Former Preschool and Elementary teacher



Mini-homesteader with chickens and countless plants

Delight Filled Homeschool

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Homeschooling doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or scary. Whether you’re brand new to homeschooling or have been at it for awhile, you can do more than just survive these days at home. You can enjoy them and even DELIGHT in them.

Delight Filled Homeschool will do more than just walk you through the logistics of homeschooling. It will help you see homeschooling beyond just curriculum and schedules. It will show you how learning isn’t one sized fits all, and you can “do school” in the way  that’s best for you and your kids.

You will have lifetime access to 25 videos, plus written content, printable worksheets, and exclusive access to a private Instagram feed for students. It’s more than enough to get you set up with an amazing first year homeschooling and beyond.

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the Complete Homeschool Blueprint?

Get ALL the courses  in the Silo & Sage vault, plus lifetime access to the Cultivate Your Home membership (all past and future content). Get equipped with tools, tips, and encouragement for your homeschool and motherhood.

Delight Filled Homeschool

A course to equip parents who want to homeschool with confidence, move beyond just teaching the curriculum, and create a homeschool that fits their family's needs.

Homeschool the Non-School Way

Learn how to guide your kids in natural learning, release the expectations of the school system, and embrace education beyond textbooks and curriculum

Play Your Way to Reading

Teach your kids to read through play - no worksheets needed!

Delight Filled Homeschool

A course to equip parents who want to homeschool with confidence, move beyond just teaching the curriculum, and create a homeschool that fits their family's needs.

The Curriculum Cure

A course to guide you in choosing curriculum and figuring out what to do in your homeschool.

Raising Self-Directed

A course for parents who want to raise kids who are critical thinkers, know how to solve problems, and can play and create independently

"more than teaching your kids to learn, you build relationships and learn the love of learning, together."

 “Jess’ homeschool course was so well organized, helpful and what is more, encouraging. She took what can be a very daunting experience and made it do-able, achievable, possible. Thanks Jess for your work and your passion in your own homeschooling and in helping others make it work in their homes!”


- linn


This course is for you if you are…

  • new to homeschooling and need help getting started
  • considering homeschooling
  • already homeschooling but feeling like you can’t get in a good rhythm
  • overwhelmed or burnt out as a homeschool mom and in need of a refresh
  • doing preschool at home and not sure if you want to continue into the elementary years

You will always have access to this course, including any updates in the future.

No! If you’ve been homeschooling for awhile, but you’re stressed and not enjoying your days at home with your kids, this course will reset your mindset and refresh your homeschooling rhythm. It will help you refocus your energy on the things that matter, decluttering the stuff that doesn’t align with your family’s goals and values. Not sure what your homeschooling goals and values are? This course will help you figure it out!

The course has six modules, which includes 25 videos plus written content and printable downloads.  

This course covers on the basic principles of homeschooling, but the primary focus is on preschool/elementary/middle school. At this time it does not specifically address high school.

While most of the topics covered will relate to and can be applied to virtual schooling and supplementing learning alongside virtual learning, we do not cover virtual school programs.

The course can take as long or short as you want it to take! Because the course is self-paced, you could binge the content in a week or you could work slowly through it over a month. And you will probably find yourself coming back to it as your seasons change!

A $700 value all for only $197

Enroll Today for only $197


Delight Filled Homeschool

Lose the overwhelm, homeschool confidently, and build the homeschool that fits your family!

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