Play Your Way to Reading

Teach your child to read through play

No worksheets required!

Kids don’t need to do flashcards or worksheets to learn how to read. They need to PLAY.

Help your kids learn to read in a developmentally appropriate way.

Play Your Way to Reading...

play your way to...



Play Your Way to Reading

A play-based guide to teaching your child to read

As a kindergarten teacher, I was trained in Early Reading Intervention, and have taught many kids how to read - including my own! None of my kids have ever used worksheets or flashcards to learn how to read. In fact, none of them have ever used a formal curriculum! This program is based on the real literacy activities I've done with my own kids in our home and in the classroom. Your child can learn how to read and write through play, no worksheets required!

100 hands-on literacy activities!

Want to see some sample activities?

This is just what you and your kids need!


Play Your Way to Reading includes:

  • videos with tips for how to teach reading from Jess, former kindergarten teacher & homeschool mom of five, trained in early reading intervention
  • minimal, optional printables
  • 100 hands-on play based literacy activities (reading and writing) that grow with your child – instructions for using the same activity to teach different skills!
  • book lists for read alouds, early readers, and more
  • Tips for adapting activities according to your child’s ability

The Play Your Way to Reading program is included in the Cultivate Your Home VIP membership, along with many other courses and workshops!

Meet Jess

Hi, I'm Jess! I'm a former elementary and preschool teacher turned full-time homeschooling mom. I have un-learned a lot about schooling and what it looks like to live a life of learning - not just "go to school." I live on a mini-homestead in Wisconsin with my husband, five boys, and 22 chickens. When the weather allows, I try to grow as much of our food as I can. I'm a make-your-own kind of girl: I sew my own clothes and love to cook from scratch. I also love to have a clear calendar, so that I can fill it with spontaneous adventures and lingering coffee chats. Our homeschool days are filled with books, hikes, and lots of creative exploration. It's also really, really loud here... and I love it!



Mama to five homeschooled boys, ages 4-13


years in the classroom

Former Preschool and Elementary teacher



Mini-homesteader with chickens and countless plants

Play Your Way to Reading

Grab it today for only $37

Ditch the worksheets and flashcard drill-and-kill and let your kids learn in the way that’s most developmentally appropriate – through PLAY!

You will have lifetime access to video teachings, all play-based learning activities, all downloadable printables, links, and resources.

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