Play Your Way to Reading



A play based, worksheet-free guide to teaching your kids to read. Designed for PreK-2nd graders who want to learn to read in a developmentally appropriate way – through PLAY! Written by a former Kindergarten teacher turned homeschool mom of five, trained in early reading intervention.

  • Covers: letter recognition, letter writing, letter sounds, rhyming, making words, word families, reading comprehension, making sentences, and writing.
  • Phonics: teaches phonics through play, not worksheets
  • No worksheets! Includes optional printables for some of the play-based activities, but ZERO busy work or fill-in-the-blank worksheets
  • Non-seasonal: start any time of the year, and you’ll never be off schedule
  • No weekly schedules: work at your child’s pace, not the pace of the curriculum
  • No cutesy crafts or snacks to make
  • Activities that use common supplies you have on hand – no need to buy anything special
  • Tips for adapting activities according to your child’s ability
  • Book Lists for read alouds, early readers, and more
  • Suggestions for favorite materials and resources, should you want to purchase hands-on learning tools or add on a more traditional phonics curriculum
  • Includes exclusive video teaching from Jess on teaching your kids to read, including some of her best tricks of the trade as a former kindergarten teacher and homeschool mom of five for the last 12 years

Read even more about Play Your Way to Reading and find sample lessons here


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