Hi, I’m Jess!

I’m a loud laughing, extroverted mama to five boys (yes, all boys) from high school to kindergarten age. I’m passionate about all things home – homeschooling, homesteading, homemaking – and believe that calendars were made to be cleared and woods were made for exploring. My family and I live on a mini-homestead in Wisconsin where we have a bunch of chickens and are slowly learning to grow and preserve as much food as we can.

I’m one of those crunchy mama types – you know, the one who brings the gluten free, no sugar added, made from scratch pumpkin muffins to the party. I’ll try to solve all your problems with herbs, essential oils, and fermented foods. My life has been forever changed through a journey of ditching toxins from our food and our home. We eat whole, non-processed foods whenever we can, and we’re always looking for ways to kick toxic ingredients to the curb.

Everyone is on a journey here – you’ll never see any judgment from me! I share a lot of DIYs, real food recipes, and natural remedies because I want to help you and your family make better choices, whether you’re the crunchiest of mamas or if you’ve never even thought of it before. You can read more about my journey to wellness here.


I love to create and sewing is where I spend most of my time, and bonus points when I can take something I thrifted and upcycle it into a new creation. I share a lot of sewing tutorials and free patterns here, things I sew for my kids, my home, and myself. When my kids were little, sewing was how I kept my sanity. It was where I poured out all my creative energy – and I have a lot of creative energy! I sewed a lot of clothing for my kids when they were small, but now I sew clothing mostly for myself, and then I sew things for our home, and I’ve found a recent love for sewing stuffed animals too.

In my pre-kid days, I was an elementary teacher. Now I stay home with all my little loves (though I guess most of them are not so little anymore) and homeschool them by day, but I feel like I’m unlearning what education looks like. Instead of spending our days in desks and at tables, we let learning unfold as it happens when we can. We spend much of our time outside hiking and exploring and nearly everything we do is centered around good quality books and rooted in our faith in Jesus.

No two homeschool day looks the same, as I try to follow my kids’ interests when it comes to what we’re going to learn. My goal as a homeschool family is to give my kids the freedom to spend lots of time outside, be creative, and to help them discover what makes them love to learn.

In 2019, I began to develop homeschool resources, and now I have a large library of learning printables – including a bunch of freebies – and a course vault filled with online courses to support homeschool moms in every stage of their journey.

My goal is not just to give moms another curriculum to buy. My goal is to help mom cultivate HOME, not school. Between my courses and my Cultivate your Home membership, my heart is to support moms beyond curriculum and book lists – but in home, faith, and motherhood.


If we were friends in real life, I’d make you a peppermint mocha, sit with you at our big kitchen table, and get to know you. But the next best thing is connecting over on Instagram, so be sure to find me over there and say hi!