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We are a family of seven living on a small Wisconsin homestead. Here you can find resources for cooking mostly from scratch, growing your own food, natural wellness, and having a preparedness mindset.

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10 Simple ways to step out of the system

Exiting the system starts somewhere, and I’ll give you ten places you can begin!

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Organizing a prepared pantry everyday and bulk pantry storage

Organize a prepared pantry, both everyday and bulk storage

Save money while stocking your everyday or prepared pantry

Watch my YouTube videos to see how I stock my pantry and buy bulk foods

Just in case we haven't quite been introduced before...

I'M jess, former teacher turned homeschool mom of five boys, from kindergarten to high school.

My family and I live on a small homestead in SE Wisconsin, where we have gardens and lots of chickens. I love to sew, cook mostly from-scratch food for my family from my well-stocked pantry, and spend time outside with my fam. I also love helping other moms start homeschooling – so you can learn from all the things I’ve done well and not-so-well over the last 11+ years homeschooling my five kids.


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