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unusual emergency preparedness items you need

Emergency Preparedness Items you Need

When it comes to emergency preparedness, everyone thinks about major disasters – power outages, storms, supply chain shortages… but what about those everyday mini-disasters that happen in your home? The things that might not make you leave your…

10 Protein Sources for Food Storage: building a prepared pantry

When you’re building up your prepared pantry, you need to make sure you have covered all your family’s nutritional needs. You can’t live off of just fruits and veggies! There are many protein sources for your food storage…

Stock Your Pantry on a Budget

As food costs rise and the supply chain becomes less reliable, keeping a prepared pantry has never been more important. But how do you stock your pantry on a budget? I’m going to share 15 ways to stock…

Prepare, Don’t Panic: natural remedies to keep your family healthy naturally (Part 2)

Consistent daily habits are important to keeping your family healthy naturally, but inevitably someone in your family will fall under the weather! There’s nothing worse than having to run out in the middle of the night to get…

Prepare, Don’t Panic: daily habits to keep your family healthy (Part 1)

In the past year and a half, everyone has had one thing on their minds: how can I keep my family healthy? For me, it’s important to not just keep my family healthy, but to do it naturally….

Organizing a prepared pantry everyday and bulk pantry storage

Organizing a Prepared Pantry: everyday and bulk pantry storage

Not long ago, I heard that the average American household only has enough food in their house for two to three days. I’ll be honest – I was shocked by this! You never know when a natural disaster,…

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