Read, Think, Write: Language Arts Program for grades 6-12



Read, Think, Write is a language arts program for middle and high schoolers, designed to encourage and support them as they read, think critically about, and respond to literature. The activities in this program will help students develop critical thinking, vocabulary, literary analysis, creativity, communication, and writing skills.

  • Choose any book – fiction or non-fiction
  • Read and respond to literature – choose from 100+ Activities to prompt discussion and literary analysis of literature
  • Encourages independence and autonomy over learning
  • Learn and practice many forms of writing, from letters to creative writing to essays
  • Use art and drama to think critically about reading
  • Fulfills 1 language arts credit when completed through one school year (when combined with other subject areas, could potentially fulfill additional credits)
  • No boring worksheets or textbooks

Want to see a video walk through/explanation of this program? Head HERE and skip to 21:32

Choose what books you read, what projects and writing you do, and pick your own pace. This program is incredibly flexible, so that it meets your unique homeschool needs.

Because this program can be used with any type of literature, you won’t find any boring worksheets! Instead, the program is designed to give your kids ownership and choice over their learning, read books that excite and interest them, and learn how literacy skills apply to all books – not just the ones you need to read for a test or worksheet.

There are no required books for this program, but it’s highly recommended to get Writer’s Inc. as a reference guide, especially for high school students


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