Unlearn the System Mindset

Homeschool is so much more about HOME than it is about SCHOOL.

Our homes are where we build relationships, grow character, and develop a love of learning. When we shift the focus to HOME, not school, it changes the dynamic of your child’s education. It centers it around family, the life you live together, and the connections you have – instead of around the curriculum you use or the academic standards you need to meet.

The problem is that the system just isn’t designed for your actual life. And when we bring that system into our homeschool, it leaves us fighting against it. Because we don’t need it in our homeschools.

I want to help you get started on this unlearning process by offering you a peek into my course, Homeschool the Non-School Way. I’ve pulled some of the videos directly from the course for you to watch. Normally you have to pay for these, but because I want you to get started on this unlearning process NOW, I’m offering you a free peek into Homeschool the Non-School Way.

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