Homemaker’s Income Maker



You don’t have to be a boss mom to make money from home

If you have a dream in your heart to be a stay-at-home or homeschooling mom, but you need to bring in an income to make that happen, this course is for you! And you don’t need to subscribe to the hustle/boss mom culture to make it happen. You can keep your family and your home as a priority while also making money from home. Whether you want to make a few hundred dollars a month, a couple thousand, or a full-time income, this course will help you to get started!

In this course you will learn:

  • my story of the different ways I have made money from home as a stay-at-home/homeschooling mom for the last 15 years, who is currently bringing in a full time income while working very part time
  • different methods of you can make money from home, both in-person and online options
  • how to find your perfect niche
  • how to decide what method of making money works best for you
  • how to grow your social media presence, including the methods I’ve personally used to grow my Instagram account to over 93k followers
  • what type of content to post online
  • how to use your social media to make money
  • how to set boundaries around your business/social media to keep your family a priority



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