Math Fun & Games Pack for grades K-5



No more searching Pinterest for fun math games to play with your kiddos. The Math Fun & Games Pack is filled with games your kids will love!

This Math Fun & Games Pack is filled with 13 hands-on math games recommended for grades K-5. Most games include several versions, to play according to different ability levels or just to change it up with a different skill.

That means that you can use this same game pack with your first grader and with your fifth grader! Some games have three or four different versions, so the games can be played over and over, in different ways, at different ability levels.

The games in this pack involve very minimal prep and supplies. The supplies used are commonly found at home (playing cards and dice are most common – some use dominoes), but often can be adapted to use what you have. Some of the games have printables to go along with the instructions.


This is a digital download – you will not receive a physical product.

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