U.S. Government and Election Unit Study



The U.S. Government and Election Unit Study is a family style literature-based unit study of the United States Government and elections. It is designed for elementary and middle school students.

In this unit study, you find 75 pages of suggested books paired with writing and drawing prompts, links to videos, and activity pages. These prompts are meant to promote critical thinking, improve understanding about the topic, and invite deeper discussion. An extensive book list is included, but this unit could be completed with other comparable books on this subject. Four main books (two for lower elementary/two for upper elementary and middle) are highly recommended. No other supplies are needed for this unit study.

This unit study covers the basic workings of the U.S. government, how it was formed, the Constitution, elections, the office of the President and other government officials, and voting rights. There are plenty of opportunities for a deep dive into topics of interest, and many lessons include discussion questions and extension activities to guide these deeper dives and to allow older students to study the topic more in-depth. There are also some fun topics thrown in, like White House pets!

All lessons are designed to be slightly open-ended to allow for child-led learning and exploration. You can modify and adapt for your students’ ability levels easily within this family style unit. These are not your typical fill-in-the-blank, spit back the information you read worksheets!

This collection is a 75 page digital download geared toward grades K-8, but could be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages.

This is a digital download and you will not receive a physical product.

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