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The Weather Unit Study is a family style literature-based unit study of the weather.

This unit study is designed to guide families in learning about the weather together. – no separate curriculum required for each child. You will find recommended books, suggested activities, writing prompts, learning invitations, and more. In each topic section, you will see suggestions for teaching multiple ages/ability levels. This unit study is ideal for families with multiple children learning together but working at different grade levels. You can also use these lessons over multiple years as your child grows in ability.

An extensive book list (of resource, picture, and chapter books) is included, but this unit could be completed with any weather-related books you have on hand.

This unit study covers topics like:

  • types of weather
  • seasons
  • climate
  • clouds
  • water cycle
  • wind
  • extreme weather
  • meteorology

The topics are covered through books, learning invitations, writing and drawing prompts for a variety of ability levels, experiments, story baskets, sensory bins, art and poetry, and specific ideas for including children of all ages, from preschoolers to middle schoolers.

You can modify and adapt for your students’ ability levels easily within this family style unit. These are not your typical fill-in-the-blank, spit back the information you read worksheets!

**This unit study includes the following products: Explore the Weather, Water Cycle, Weather Movement Cards, Weather Paper Dolls, and Today’s Weather. They do not need to be purchased separately.**

No other supplies are required for this unit study, beyond everyday objects and materials you’re likely to have at home!

This over 90 page collection is a digital download geared toward grades PreK-6, but could be enjoyed by a wide variety of ages and extended with additional books and experiments.

This is a digital download and you will not receive a physical product.

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