Play Your Way to Reading

A play based, worksheet-free guide to teaching your kids to read. Designed for PreK-2nd graders who want to learn to read in a developmentally appropriate way – through PLAY! Written by a former Kindergarten teacher turned homeschool mom of five, trained in early reading intervention.

  • Covers: letter recognition, letter writing, letter sounds, rhyming, making words, word families, reading comprehension, making sentences, and writing.
  • Phonics: teaches phonics through play, not worksheets
  • No worksheets! Includes optional printables for some of the play-based activities, but ZERO busy work or fill-in-the-blank worksheets
  • Non-seasonal: start any time of the year, and you’ll never be off schedule
  • No weekly schedules: work at your child’s pace, not the pace of the curriculum
  • No cutesy crafts or snacks to make
  • Activities that use common supplies you have on hand – no need to buy anything special
  • Tips for adapting activities according to your child’s ability
  • Book Lists for read alouds, early readers, and more
  • Suggestions for favorite materials and resources, should you want to purchase hands-on learning tools or add on a more traditional phonics curriculum
  • Includes exclusive video teaching from Jess on teaching your kids to read, including some of her best tricks of the trade as a former kindergarten teacher and homeschool mom of five for the last 11 years


  1. Hello! New to your channel/site. Was recommended this curriculum for my littles. Wondering how many games/”lessons” are included in this course? I have a very tight budget and need to tread carefully here.

  2. Hi Abigayle! There are about 100 activities! Plus most of them have instructions for how to use them for teaching multiple skills (like using them to teach letters but also rhyming, letter sounds, sight words). So it can grow with your child as well.

    1. Hi Kayley! The activities use regular household/craft supplies that you most likely have on hand (markers, tape, toilet paper tubes, cardboard boxes, etc.). Nothing out of the ordinary! The activities are also really adaptable so you can change them up if you want to use a different supply.

      The one thing I do highly recommend is if you have any kind of moveable alphabet – letter pieces that take the shape of the letter, like a cheap set of magnet letters or wooden letters. But I include printable ones in case you don’t have any and don’t have the budget to buy them.

    1. Hi Larissa! It’s not an actual book – nothing will be shipped to you. There are some videos for you to watch to help guide you in teaching your kiddo. And then there is a PDF with 100+ hands-on activities. You don’t HAVE to print anything. You can very easily do the activities without ever printing anything. But you certainly can print them if you want to. :)

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