Prepare, Don’t Panic: natural remedies to keep your family healthy naturally (Part 2)


Consistent daily habits are important to keeping your family healthy naturally, but inevitably someone in your family will fall under the weather! There’s nothing worse than having to run out in the middle of the night to get something to help a child who’s not feeling well. Having the natural remedies on hand will empower you to care for your family, without relying on pharmaceuticals all the time. We are thankful for the medical system when we need it, but we prefer to find natural ways to take care of our illnesses when we can – and most of the time, we can!

natural remedies to keep your family healthy
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*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or medical professional. I’m sharing the natural remedies and tools that we use in our family, based on my own research and experience. Always do your own research and consult your own doctor when necessary.

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What natural remedies can you use everyday to maintain your family’s health naturally?

In addition to the daily habits

What natural remedies can you use when your family is fighting off an illness?

When your family is under the weather, you want to fight back with every tool you have. By being proactive, you can get ahead of any illness, before it gets too far. The exact remedies or tools you might use will depend on your specific symptoms or illness. But there are some general remedies you can use.

Vitamin C

When my family is fighting off an illness, we increase our Vitamin C significantly. High doses of Vitamin C have an incredible impact on so many illnesses. We may also switch from our regular Vitamin C supplements to a liposomal vitamin C. Liposomal vitamin C is a form of the vitamin that is able to absorbed into your body much faster and easier. It’s usually not necessary as a daily vitamin, but when your body is fighting off illness, you’re already working very hard. We want our vitamins absorbed quickly and we don’t want to waste our energy on that process – we want our body to focus on getting better!

Ningxia Red + Elderberry

Ningxia Red and elderberry (either a tincture or elderberry syrup) are part of our daily wellness routine, and when we are under the weather, we always increase the amount/frequencey.

Herbal Tinctures

Herbs are the original medicines, and there are so many herbal tinctures that can be helpful for a variety of ailments. These are a few of the tinctures we use on a regular basis:

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Immune Boosting Foods

It’s so important to be eating well when your body is fighting off an illness.

Bone broth is packed with nutrition that is amazing for your wellness, when you are healthy OR when under the weather.

Garlic is an amazing and underrated tool for your wellness. It is naturally anti bacterial, anti viral, anti fungal. Garlic fermented honey is incredible to eat when your family is under the weather.

Ginger and turmeric are anti-inflammatory, and your body is more inflammed when you are sick. Adding these to your diet will boost your immune system.

This also means that you need to avoid foods that will keep your immune system from doing its job, especially sugar and processed foods. Focus on eating whole foods that will nourish your body!

Essential Oils

There are many oils that you can use for immune support, and you will want to change it up specifically based on your needs (I recommend getting an essential oil reference guide if you don’t have one already), but these are the top three that I use when we need immune support:

Respiratory support:

Tummy Troubles

If you’re looking for more detail on how to use these supplements or oils, The Mama’s Wellness Toolkit is for you!

This 19 page packet is a collection of home remedies, recipes, and recommendations to help mamas care for their babies and children naturally.

In this packet you will find recommendations for:

  • daily wellness
  • immune support
  • respiratory care
  • tummy troubles
  • skin support
  • sleep support
  • ear health
  • and more

You will find recipes for essential oil rollers, diffusing, salves, food based immune boosters. It also contains links to recommended books, supplements, and shops I trust.

It has a suggested daily supplement schedule, a blank printable schedule for supplements, and a page to track observations for illness or when using a new protocol.

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