Owls and Stars

Are we sick of owls yet? Is that trend over? Well, either way, I still like them. And since I have a tendency to scoop up plain T-shirts when they're on clearance, I had a white tee that was in need of a little ... something. So, a little felt owl appliqué, a few freezer … Continue reading Owls and Stars


Painted Burlap Placemats: a Tutorial

If you've been a reader here for awhile, you might remember a tutorial I shared awhile ago on The Southern Institute: painted burlap placemats.  I never posted the full tutorial here on my blog, so I'm sharing it today.  They are perfect for a simple, quick handmade gift! Measure and cut your burlap.  You can … Continue reading Painted Burlap Placemats: a Tutorial

Burlap Placemats – Tutorial at SIDAC

Today I am so excited to be a guest over at The Southern Institute of Domestic Arts and Crafts.  If you haven't seen Jenny's blog, you are missing out.  She creates some wonderful things!  I'm over there today with a tutorial on how to make these super easy painted burlap placemats. So come on over … Continue reading Burlap Placemats – Tutorial at SIDAC

The Super Tee

We've had a lot of not-so-super T's here at our house. Teething... Tantrums... Temperatures... We needed a superhero.   Well, have no fear... The Super Tee is here!   A few Batman-style T-Shirt scraps, plus some freezer-paper stenciling. Fit for your Super Kid. Linking up to: