So you want to homeschool, but aren't sure where to begin?Download this free PDF guide to help you get started!


The resources on this page are created from both my experience as a preschool and elementary teacher and my 12+ years homeschooling my five kids into the high school years. If you are a newbie or wannabe homeschooler, this page has all the resources to support you as you get started!

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homeschool courses
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complete homeschool blueprint

Get all the courses in the Silo & Sage vault, for a complete blueprint that will support you on your homeschooling journey, from A to Z.

delight filled homeschool

Build the homeschool that fits your family, so that you and your kids can enjoy homeschooling.

homeschool the non-school way

Don’t get stuck in the school system mindset! Learn how to ditch the system, encourage your kids’ in natural learning, and create unit studies so you don’t have to rely on curriculum alone.

A quick guide for getting your homeschool started. If you’re on the fence about homeschooling or have an on the fence spouse, this workshop is perfect for you!

Teach your child to read without worksheets or flashcards, but through play, learning invitations, and fun activities!

Can you afford to homeschool? This guide will help you make homeschooling work on a budget and one income.


learning printables

Free printables for all ages, to help you in all areas of your homeschool!

Printables for your Elementary or Middle School age kiddos.

Printables for your preschool and kindergarteners.

Just in case we haven't quite been introduced before...

I'M jess, former teacher turned homeschool mom of five boys, from kindergarten to high school.

My family and I live on a small homestead in SE Wisconsin, where we have gardens and lots of chickens. I love to sew, cook mostly from-scratch food for my family from my well-stocked pantry, and spend time outside with my fam. I also love helping other moms start homeschooling – so you can learn from all the things I’ve done well and not-so-well over the last 11+ years homeschooling my five kids.

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reading resources

Get help with reading, no matter what stage you’re in with your kids! All my blog posts, tips, and book recommendations collected in one spot.