These Days…

Today I'm 36 weeks. I'm oh-so-large and uncomfortable and ready to bring this little boy into our family. These days are moving slowly. I'm moving slowly.¬†Our mornings have been sweet, and the boys have stayed in their jammies a little longer than usual. I'm savoring their snuggles and their smiles, knowing that my hands will … Continue reading These Days…


Fall Back

Daylight Savings Time used to be so much fun. Remember the pre-kid days, when you could actually use that extra hour for... sleep? I have been off my game all week. And I'm blaming Daylight Savings. The kids have been off their sleeping schedules [which means I am too]. It's been rainy, so I've been … Continue reading Fall Back

Unexpected miracles.

All my life, I have wanted to be a mom. I loved playing with my dolls and creating a world where I could care for little babies all day long. Preferably lots of them. I think at one point my sister got a set of quintuplet babies that I was pretty much obsessed with. I … Continue reading Unexpected miracles.