Pillows!! {and a Giveaway!}

I have been making pillows like crazy.  Something about the weather, I think.  Nothing like the cold of a Wisconsin fall to make me want to cozy up on the couch with a felted wool pillow. vintage sheet + felted wool = love on a pillow {find this one in my etsy shop!} i love … Continue reading Pillows!! {and a Giveaway!}


PJ pants [AKA all I have to show for my hours of work]

I have had one of those weeks where every sewing project I have attempted has not turned out.  I blame it on the baby, sucking my brain away as his little body grows bigger.  So, since none of my KCWC efforts have worked out --yet!-- I picked up a project I had started quite awhile … Continue reading PJ pants [AKA all I have to show for my hours of work]

[Still] Celebrating the Boy!

Over at Made and Made by Rae, there was a fabulous month-long event called Celebrate the Boy.  Oh, how lovely!  (Can I call a boy month lovely?  Too late.)  Being the boy-dominated household that we are, I love when the boy inspiration comes out of the blogging woodwork. I didn't really feel the push to … Continue reading [Still] Celebrating the Boy!