Thrifted Vintage Sheets [and endless possibilities!]

I am a thrifter. Truth be told, I like thrifting much better than shopping at a “regular” store. I love a good deal, and I l.o.v.e. to create new life from something discarded.

These vintage lovelies are my most recent finds. That blue one? Totally in love.

That bottom one is actually a bunch of fabric panels… I don’t know if it’s truly vintage, but it has a vintage vibe.

The top two were purchased from an estate sale, and that top one is actually a set of hand-sewn curtains.

Do you thrift? [my sister-in-law wrote the most fabulous blog post about how to thrift, if you need some help] What would you make with these?

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  1. that bottom one — i found a twin sheet set made of that fabric/print at a thrift store a while back. i am saving them to be hazel’s first set of “big girl bed” sheets. :)

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