Quick Flannel Jammies

I’ve busy working on all the things I am going to share with you during Boys Will Be Boys… So Handmake Their Toys [our super awesome handmade gift series!]. But of course, I can’t show you any of that. Yet. But you’re going to love it. Promise.

So I whipped up a couple of quick pairs of flannel pj pants that I can share with you!

Both of these are super simple – two cuts of flannel [each leg is one piece of fabric] and an elastic waistband. And bonus – both fabrics were remnants from Joann’s. One of the best things about sewing for kids – being able to sew an entire garment from a remnant! And both completed within a naptime? Double bonus.

And whoever came up with the idea to put penguins in scarves? Genius. Can’t handle the adorable factor.

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