Handmade Gifts for Boys: not so Christmasy jammies


If you know me in real life, you probably know that I love to dress my kids seasonally. Those My First Thanksgiving outfits? Love them. Valentine’s Day T-shirts? Can’t get enough. Wear green on St. Patrick’s Day? Absolutely. I also love making my boys Christmas jammies. But this year, I decided to go un-traditional and just make…. regular everyday cute-as-can-be jammies.

Lil Long Johns // If Only They Would Nap

The Fabric Fairy graciously offered us some fabric for our Handmade Gifts for Boys series, and I fell in love with her knit fabrics. I had such a hard time choosing, because the designs were all fantastic. I finally settled on these two prints, and when they arrived I knew I had made the right choice.

 photo DSC_0287_zps2a280a77.jpg

The feel of these fabrics is amazing. I totally wish these jammies were my size, because they feel so cozy!
 photo DSC_0278_zps42b4b26b.jpgThe pattern is the Lil’ Long Johns from Peek-a-boo Patterns [affiliate link], and oh my word is it super adorable. I’ve made them before in Christmas colors, and seriously, I really think these cannot get any cuter. I had only made them in baby/toddler sizes before, so this time I tried them out on my four-year-old, and yep, still adorable. Also, he didn’t want to take them off.

 photo DSC_0297_zpsec0f1878.jpg

Even though the pajamas aren’t matching or coordinating colors, since they’re the same pattern, they have that great Christmas morning feel to them. Can we say Christmas card? After taking these pictures, I’m kicking myself for not having time to sew them for all the boys yet. [but really, can we just pause for a moment and thank the baby for napping well so that I could even sew these??]

 photo DSC_0294_zps633cf20d.jpg

Friends, what is better than brothers in sorta matchy jammies? Nothing, I tell you.

 photo pjcomic1_zps684bd0e5.jpg

 photo pjcomic2_zps360867c1.jpg

 photo pjcomic3_zps4a84a6cb.jpg

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  1. I would love to win! I’m making lots of pajamas at my house these days and all three of my kiddos are loving them!!

  2. jammies for my 2 year old … he’s growing into the next size faster than his brother is growing out of them!

  3. I would make the long johns, altering the pattern to fit my bigger boy. :) I’m planning to make us all flannel Pj pants for Christmas Eve. That’s our PJ tradition. Each Christmas eve, we all open ONE gift–new Christmas morning pajamas. (That way I have cute jammies on all of us and I don’t have to worry about Hubbs either in his underpants or already dressed when the rest of us are in jammies for Christmas morning pictures…)

  4. I love the long johns pattern, but i also love the night gowns. I would make the long johns for all three of my big kids (5, 3, and 1.5) and a cozy little gown for my little lady on the way.

  5. I’ve been wanting to try jammies for a while. This would totally be the push toward it that I need.

  6. I love pj patterns. I make christmas pjs for my 21 grandchildren and I would probably make all of the patterns. Thanks.

  7. Make jammies for my little girl she outgrows them too fast! Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

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