No, I’m not “trying for a girl” (thoughts on being a boy mama)

I have four boys. When most people hear this or see me with my four handsome little men in tow, they say something to the effect of "So, are you going to try for a girl?!" Now, I'm sure everyone means well when they say this. Most of them say this because they have a daughter or have … Continue reading No, I’m not “trying for a girl” (thoughts on being a boy mama)


Simply Summer Romper – Tutorial and Free Pattern!

This week is Romper Week over at Sewing Mama RaeAnna, and at our house we love a good baby romper. I have a super easy tutorial so that your baby can be as adorable as mine (well... I'll still think mine is the most adorable, if that's okay ;) as well as a free 12 … Continue reading Simply Summer Romper – Tutorial and Free Pattern!

Oakley Shorts Pattern Review

Awhile back, my lovely and wonderful friend Melissa from Sew Like My Mom sent me her newest pattern, the Oakley Shorts and Capris. Since I loved her Kudzu Coveralls, I knew that I was going to love this pattern too. Being the fourth boy, this little peanut has gotten his fair share of hand-me-downs. But … Continue reading Oakley Shorts Pattern Review

Bond Top Pattern Tour [a pattern review]

Recently, my lovely friend Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy [and my partner in crime for Handmade Gifts for Boys] launched her pattern shop Beatnik Kids! She has three super adorable boys, so she has a passion for unique boy designs. I had the privilege of testing and now touring [if I say it … Continue reading Bond Top Pattern Tour [a pattern review]

Boy Style: plaids and hats [Pattern Anthology]

Today I'm joining up with the Pattern Anthology tour to share a little Boy Style with you. Because who says girls need to have all the fashion fun? The patterns from the Pattern Anthology collection [a limited time collection of 8 patterns by four designers that I know and love] have what every boy [or … Continue reading Boy Style: plaids and hats [Pattern Anthology]

Star Wars + Fedora = Awesome

Today I am SO excited to be a part of the Fedora Hat. tour with Elegance and Elephants. [Disclosure: I was given a copy of this pattern and am an affiliate of Elegance and Elephants. All opinions are my own.] First let's just talk about how I made this. I mean seriously friends, I MADE … Continue reading Star Wars + Fedora = Awesome

When pajama pants make you feel successful..

I know I'm not alone when I say that getting to my sewing machine these days is work. Sometimes life takes over and babies don't sleep and two-year-olds dump out every box in the cupboard and your sewing table becomes the catch-all for everything. But when days like that come, pajama pants will rescue you. … Continue reading When pajama pants make you feel successful..

Whale pants!

I've been sewing up a lot of pants lately, especially for this little man. I may or may not have something in the works with these... Cloth diaper booty!I whaley love them. [heh] whale fabric from Drawstring Studio

K.I.D.S. post on Me Sew Crazy!

Today I'm sharing an outfit my five-year-old and I designed together as part of Jessica's K.I.D.S. series at Me Sew Crazy! So come on by to check out my son's inspiration drawing and a little pocket tutorial!

Sew in Tune: Sunglasses at Night

Today I'm over at Melly Sews, sharing the rockstar look I talked about yesterday, as part of the Sew in Tune series.Click over to see a fun tutorial for the shirt I made for my little rocker. And to check out the rest of the awesome song inspired looks!