Farewell to Summer…

Well, summer has slipped away. And apparently so did I. I unintentionally took the month of August off of blogging [and sewing, honestly]. We've had a lot going on this summer, and neither blogging nor sewing made the cut this past month. But fall [which is absolutely my favorite season] tends to bring a frenzy … Continue reading Farewell to Summer…


the pants that took over KCWC

Every Kids' Clothing Week Challenge I am overly ambitious.  My to-sew list is always much longer than I could realistically accomplish.  And this year was no exception. These pants were a labor of love.  I usually crank pants out pretty quickly [once you get the hang of them, they really don't take that long to … Continue reading the pants that took over KCWC

Upcycled Plaid Shorts

Alright, I'm getting back on track after a few frustrating days of sewing mistakes and mishaps. These shorts are upcycled from an old button-up shirt of my dad's that my mom brought me one day (thanks, Mom!).  The shirt was really thin, so they're lined with an old white T-shirt. I made these flat-front, like … Continue reading Upcycled Plaid Shorts