Farewell to Summer…

Well, summer has slipped away. And apparently so did I. I unintentionally took the month of August off of blogging [and sewing, honestly]. We’ve had a lot going on this summer, and neither blogging nor sewing made the cut this past month. But fall [which is absolutely my favorite season] tends to bring a frenzy of sewing in this house, and I’m beyond ready to dust off my sewing machine and get going on a few projects I’ve had in the queue for awhile. And get back in touch with all you lovelies who bless me by reading my blog!

I did whip up a few things earlier this summer that haven’t made it onto the blog yet, though. Like some birthday shorts for my baby who turned ONE at the end of July. [WAAAAHHH!]

This fabulous plaid came in a package of amazing fabrics from Anna.

These are the same flat-front pants that I’ve been making for awhile… plenty of room in the back for his cloth diaper bum. One of these days I’ll get around to sharing this pattern.

And sometimes, models that crawl but don’t walk are stubborn and will only pose sitting down.

So you can look at yummy baby toes, before they are covered with winter socks.

Goodbye, summer. Hello, pumpkin spice lattes and cozy sweaters and crunchy leaves. Oh the adventures we will have together.

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