No Doubt inspired sewing: Sew in Tune

Today I'm letting the music be my muse, with one of my favorite blog series: Sew in Tune! I super love this series, put on by Stacey of Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy Crafts and Melissa of Melly Sews (you can see my looks from previous years here and here). Last year I came across an amazing pair of … Continue reading No Doubt inspired sewing: Sew in Tune


Farewell to Summer…

Well, summer has slipped away. And apparently so did I. I unintentionally took the month of August off of blogging [and sewing, honestly]. We've had a lot going on this summer, and neither blogging nor sewing made the cut this past month. But fall [which is absolutely my favorite season] tends to bring a frenzy … Continue reading Farewell to Summer…

Plaid Nowhere Man Pants

If you follow me on Facebook [and if you don't, you totally should], you might have seen me lamenting about how my four-year-old was refusing to wear the pants I made for him. I may have taken it completely personally and had to eat some chocolate to make myself feel better. But, as it is … Continue reading Plaid Nowhere Man Pants