Curry Squash Apple Soup

I truly adore soup season. There's something about a bowl of soup that just makes me want to cozy up beside a fire. [of course, I'd need to have a fireplace first...] The other thing I love about soup? My kids eat it. And love it. It's one of the few ways my two-year-old willingly … Continue reading Curry Squash Apple Soup

Meals Kids Love: Potato Leek Soup!

Did you see any of the Meals Kids Love series, put on by Jenny over at The Southern Institute for Domestic Arts and Crafts?  There are some great looking meals over there.  We tried the Thai noodles and the lemon pepper talapia, which were [mostly] a hit.  If you don't include the fact that my … Continue reading Meals Kids Love: Potato Leek Soup!