No Sew Birthday Banner

When my oldest turned three, I made a birthday banner.

Last weekend, my baby turned one. [Insert tears and sappy “my baby is growing up too fast!” comments here]  So we pulled out that birthday banner for the second time in less than two months.

The banner is made with felt, ribbon, and hot-glue.  I wanted it to be fast and easy.  I think it only took me a couple hours (including all those three-year-old interruptions while little brother was napping).

I wanted to be able to use this banner again, so I added a velcro space for a number — like this “three” for my oldest son’s birthday.

But my poor second child didn’t get a “one” for his birthday banner.  With our Thanksgiving travels, the birthday party, and hosting another Thanksgiving celebration, well, it slipped my mind until my house was filling up with guests.  Woops!  [I just tucked the extra space behind the banner, and no one else knew the difference]  Hopefully he won’t remember this and hold it against me when he’s fifteen….

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