Thrifting Addiction

I have a serious thrift addiction.  I love, love, love to go thrifting.  It is such a thrill to go to a thrift store and find something amazing.  Or, to find something that will be amazing.

Yesterday, my youngest (who is 10 months old today, by the way…. when did that happen??) decided that he didn’t want to take a morning nap.  SO, rather than stay home and let the crabbiness ensue for all, I packed up the boys and took them thrifting.  With the baby in the ERGO and big brother in the cart, I was free to peruse the aisles and find all the treasures that awaited me.

I walked out with five (yes, five) bags – for only $35.  Ah, yes, this is why I love thrifting!  I found a game for my almost three-year-old, some play-dough accessories (that came with used play-dough, which I most definitely threw away… gross), and Taboo – one of my favorite games ever in life, and for only $2.

But of course, a thrifting adventure is not complete without scouring the clothing racks for fabric that can be turned into something amazing.

Can you see all the beautiful projects to come?  I have so many ideas.

More shirts to refashion for my boys, a sweater that needs to be turned into this, some sweatshirts to use like this one (with a tutorial to come!), a funky flower shirt that called to me from three aisles away, and a fantastic full-sized gray flannel sheet that will be used (in part) to line some upcycled jeans for my oldest. (And this doesn’t even include the three wool sweaters that are in the process of being felted right now!)

I’m on a roll from KCWC… gotta keep the creative juices flowing!

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