Earth Day Challenge: No More Paper!

For quite a few years now, I’ve been trying hard to reduce our carbon footprint, be more environmentally conscious, and overall try to live more naturally.  The one area we’ve been failing in, though, is in our use of paper towels and napkins.

I have a large stash of rags, washcloths, and cheap towels that we use to clean up spills.  But when it comes to meals, we’ve been using a lot of paper towels or napkins (whichever we have on hand).  I knew I needed to resolve that.  Simple solution – cloth napkins, of course!

This was a super quick project.  I simply grabbed some fabric quarters, serged a rolled edge around them… and that’s it.  Five minutes later, a set of cloth napkins!

One of the things I love about this project is that you can customize it to your needs – make them big or small, you could make cocktail napkins or dinner napkins.  Oh the possibilities!  I used the fabric quarters, just to make it easy – and I especially love the bright springy colors, in our still wintery looking midwest.

I’m hoping that by adding cloth napkins to our daily routine, we can stop buying paper towels and napkins altogether!  Do you use cloth napkins?  How have you reduced your paper usage in your house?

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