Fleece Pants for Baby

One of the easiest things to sew is a pair of fleece pants. Seriously, if you’re scared of sewing clothing, this is the project to try.

Fleece won’t fray, so you don’t have to worry about finishing the edges. So even if you can only sew a straight stitch, you can sew with fleece.

Fleece is so cozy. Perfect for baby… or anyone, really. When sewing baby pants, I find a lot of fleece in the remnants section. I adore the remnants section.

Fleece also has some stretch to it, so it’s forgiving when you’re sewing. Which means if you screw up your measurements at all, it’s no big deal.

[Yes, those are my baby’s feet again. Because who can resist those toes!]

Plus, you can whip up a pair of these in 30 minutes and then say you made three pieces for KCWC instead of two. It sounds that much cooler.

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