Maternity Tank

In the middle of KCWC, I decided to make a little something for myself.  Something just a teeny bit fancier than my typical T-shirt. :)

And no, do not adjust your screen… I really am that pasty white.  I live in Wisconsin.  I was freezing outside while I took this picture.

This top is made from a jersey knit I bought quite awhile ago at Joann’s, from my own pattern.  I made sure to make this one long enough that it will definitely last through my pregnancy.  It will probably even be a good post-partum shirt.

I’m finishing up a couple things for my boys to round out KCWC, and then I have a few non-clothing posts coming up next week!

4 thoughts on “Maternity Tank”

  1. This tank is adorable and you look absolutely adorable, Jess! Pregnancy definately agrees with you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hey Jess!!

    I was actually given a sewing machine 2 weeks ago and it hasn’t moved from the place it landed! I can’t wait to learn though- just haven’t found the time to dig in! Love your new blog!! LOVE the ideas and I am so into everything Mommy these days- it’s so fun!

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