Learning to just BE

I have a tendency to look ahead. To make plans, playdates, lists, schedules, routines. When I’m doing one thing, I’m often thinking about what I need to do next.

This is the way of motherhood, to some extent. As we’re dressing the kids, we’re planning the day in our heads. As we are doing the dishes, we’re thinking about lunch. And all of this is necessary.

But sometimes, I forget to just live in the moment. To treasure these little people God has entrusted to me.

To sit and watch them play, listening to their conversations and laughter.

Instead of worrying about the dishes that are piling up in the sink, sometimes I just need to stop and BE.

So today, amidst my lists and chores [and some boys who aren’t feeling 100%], I’m taking time to treasure these ones. And I’m remembering how they really aren’t little for that long.

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  1. Love this. So sweet and so very true. I am a big planner as well and really have to focus on taking down time with my kids, to just relax and “be” with them. Thanks for the reminder.
    PS- can’t wait to go where these pictures were taken with you. ;)

    1. thanks, alyson – i’ll probably have to remind myself again pretty soon ;) and yes, can’t wait to go there with you too!

  2. Such a great post, Jess. So sweet- for you as Mommy and your sweet boys. I ♥♥♥
    this first pic with S leading the way for his younger brothers (and the backpack!). So precious. Love you. Linda

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