The Slim Fit Tank

The weather around here is not quite summer… or even spring, really. But eventually summer will come, and a certain four and a half year old doesn’t have any tanks.

Well, thank you Kids Clothes Week Challenge, we now have the first tank of the season.

This is a self-drafted pattern [that I’m hoping to make available to you soon!] that I’m dubbing the Slim Fit Tank. It reminds me of the tanks from the late 70s/early 80s. The hubs even said, “I wore shirts like that when I was little” when he saw it.

*Edited: I originally called it the Throwback Tank, but then I remembered Rae’s Flashback Tee, and suddenly my name sounded like a cheap knockoff. And no one likes a copycat. ;)

The shirt is made of a striped jersey knit that I’m kind of in love with (purchased from but no longer available), with the ribbing up cycled from two different tees.

It’s perfect for my super skinny dude.

Yes, yes, there will be more Slim Fit Tanks in my future. And goofy four-year-old photo shoots.

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