Long Sleeved Maternity Tee!

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it many times again…  I’m a T-shirt kind of girl.  Since I spend my days chasing my very active boys, I like to be comfy.  Add into that my 27 week prego belly, and comfort is 100% necessary!

(We have my three-year-old to thank for these pictures, by the way.  Which explains why they’re a little grainy and not the greatest… oh well, make it work, right?  And he was quite proud of himself, which makes it totally worth it.)

This tee is made from my own pattern, using a maternity t-shirt I had on hand as my starting point.  It’s also similar to this tee I made awhile back.

This shirt is actually [gasp!] not upcycled.  I made it from a super soft and cozy knit I found at Joann’s (purchased with a coupon, of course…. I never buy anything full price at Joann’s!)  I hadn’t originally intended to sew the band on the bottom of the shirt, but after sewing the rest of it together, I didn’t think the shirt would last through the next 13 weeks. [only 13 weeks??!! eek!]

I’m working on another maternity shirt that I had hoped to enter into Spring Top Week at Made by Rae, but I doubt I’ll get it finished.  Though she did just extend the deadline…. so we’ll see!  I’ve also got some KCWC sewing to do.  Oh my sewing machines are getting a workout this week!

And p.s. don’t forget to enter the giveaway I’m doing over at Shwin&Shwin!

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  1. Good idea for the band :) that last month nothing seems long enough! The shirt looks great! So do you!

    1. Wow! I love it – Great job, Jess! You look so cute and what a photographer S. is!! Tell him Grammy sends him a hug, kiss and a fist bump through the air.:)

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