A Much Needed Vacay

Last weekend, we got back from a fabulous two week vacation in Northern Wisconsin. That explains my sudden disappearance. Though if you follow me on Instagram [@iftheywouldnap], you pretty much got the play by play.

Seriously… I kinda didn’t want to leave.

Lots of sand.

Lots of reading on the deck, lake in view. [sigh]

Lots of swimming.

Lots of moments to sit and take it all in.

I love living in the city. But every time we get away, we come back thinking how much we love being in a place where you can’t touch your neighbor’s house from your window. Add to all that: extended family time galore, hikes in the woods, good food [that I didn’t always have to cook – yay!] ice cream, farmer’s market, 4th of July parade, and lots and lots of relaxing… well, it was basically two weeks of perfection.

And now we’re back to reality…. still catching up on laundry and getting back into the swing of things here at home. I haven’t been able to sit down at my sewing machine since we got back, but I did a couple of sewing projects before I left that I’ll be showing you soon! Plus, I have some awesome thrifting finds that I want to share with you too.

Have you been vacationing lately? I’d love to hear about it!

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