Thrifting Love!

There’s a local thrift stop that I frequent and just adore. There’s an entire section of the store devoted to sewing supplies. Um, hello! Love.DSC_0367Just this last weekend, I found a good stack of vintage patterns – including this fabulous flared pants beauty.
DSC_0366And this stack of fabric – fabric! Not just a bunch of things to upcycle [which of course makes me so ridiculously happy], but yards of fabric. I think that top home dec weight fabric needs to be living room pillows.

What would you make with these lovelies?

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    1. ooh yeah. it’s super stretchy and kind of has the feeling of something that has been shirred. maybe a swim coverup??

  1. Awesome! Congratulations on your fabric score! I recently went to our local Saver’s thrift store and found some Moda purple marble fabric for about $1 a yard (close to 5 yards of it). I frequently shop that store for fabric and I usually walk away with several yards of each one that I choose. I normally pay $2 to $4 for each piece (well over a yard of each). They also have patterns, some vintage, some not for 50 cents or less for each.

  2. Make a button down shirt for yourself out of the black and white check! And wear it with green jeans. I saw it on pinterest and its all I can think about!

  3. Fabulous! I was just at my local thrift shop and got a whole PILE of sewing patterns. I could not believe the gems I found in there! I’m loving the bell bottoms on these pants. Go big!!

  4. I so enjoy finding fabric at the thrift shop, but beware- $3 for 8 yards of fabric is awesome but dangerous for hoarding! lol


  5. oh. that stripe is calling my name! i loooove stripes. it could be living room pillows, or curtains, or a tote. what fabulous colors.

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