Kudzu Coveralls Dress


Last weekend, I went to my cousin’s baby shower and she’s having a GIRL! Since my world is all boy sewing, I was a little giddy with excitement at the idea of sewing a dress – the Kudzu Coveralls Dress from Sew Like My Mom!


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I picked up this butterfly corduroy at JoAnn’s in the remnant section awhile back. Since I don’t have a big need for girly fabrics, I like to scour the remnants and find smaller pieces that hide out in my stash for just these situations.


The sweet little gathers in corduroy! Is there anything cuter?


I lined the bodice with a vintage floral and used Kam Snaps. Just like the overalls, the dress version of the Kudzu is super easy to follow and comes together so quickly. And the itty bitty dress that comes out is freaking adorable.


I also made a little headband, using some fold over elastic and this super easy flower tutorial.


I can’t wait to see this little cousin wearing this sweet little dress! (wait, if she’s my cousin’s daughter, what does that make her to me… once removed? second cousin? I truly have no idea..)


This, my friends, is more pink than my sewing machine usually sees.

Happy sewing!

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  1. JESS, HOW DARLING — a bright & colorful KUDZU Coverall Dress you’ve sewn for your cousin’s expected baby girl. I love the butterfly print for the gathered skirt topped by hot pink for the bodice sewn for your BABY SHOWER gift. Such a lovely fabric, brightly colored butterflies and leaves: orange, hot pink, deep red & grey on a white background! Cute white flower on a pink elasticized headband — so “in” for infant girls! Snaps on each shoulder for closure is a fab option than buttons. THANKS for sharing. Post a photo in several months with the newborn wearing your creation. Sarah in Minneapolis

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