KCWC: Corduroy Pants

KCWC is slow-going these days. Apparently children think that napping is optional during this week. Mama does not agree. But nonetheless, we have pants!

These pants are a modified version of the Nowhere Man pants pattern. You can see a previous pair that I’ve sewn here.

I used a dark green, thinner corduroy from JoAnn’s. I also used the same plaid fabric for the front and back pockets.

I made the pant legs skinnier than the pattern indicates – my little dude is ridiculously skinny. Plus I extended the length well past the size 5 where the pattern ends. [They’re a bit long for now, but not bad with shoes on – and room to grow!]

I also left off the button flaps from the front of the pants. A little cleaner and simpler this time. It’s a great pattern, though, and a pretty easy sew.

I’m working on some more pieces for this week. But I’m not pushing myself to complete something each day. Baby number four takes a bit more energy to grow than the first three did, apparently. ;)

Leave a link if you’re sewing something for KCWC – I’d love to see!

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  1. Hi Jess,
    I love this pattern, I have it but actually find that it’s really, really narrow – your little man must be super skinny!!

    I’m pregnant with No 4 as well – 5 1/2 weeks to go, and I don’t think I’ve ever been so tired in my life, throughout the whole pregnancy – just ridiculous really! Cannot wait for it to be over.’

    My MIL has my 2 youngest tomorrow, so the plan is for me to actually get some sewing done – I’m very excited – it doesn’t happen much :)

    Cute, cute pants, well done! Love reading your posts.


    1. yes, my oldest is SOOO ridiculously skinny. i actually think i should’ve cut them even skinnier than i did!

      congrats to you on your new baby too!! hope this last month goes by quickly. that’s always the toughest part. and lucky you for having a day for sewing! hooray!!

  2. Love these. I was tired enough during baby number 3 can’t imagine growing another. I think if you see anything all week you’re an amazing women!

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