Easiest way to make a Pillowcase (a DIY tutorial!)
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Easiest way to make a Pillowcase (a DIY tutorial!)

One of the simplest ways to change up the look of a room is by changing out the pillows. And this is the easiest way to make a new pillowcase! All you need is a tablecloth or a…

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Free Printable Nature Scavenger Hunt

Now that it’s warming up here in Wisconsin, my kiddos and I are enjoying all the wildlife and plants that are popping up around us! I made a couple free printable nature scavenger hunts for us to do…

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FREE Women’s Beanie Hat Pattern

Hey friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted! Life has gotten busy, with homeschooling, the craziness of having five kids (and a climbing toddler – oy!), and all the things of life. I meant to share this women’s…

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FREE Raglan Cardigan Pattern and Cozy Layers for Fall!

  It’s finally starting to feel like fall in Wisconsin, which means it’s time to bust out my favorite kind of clothes: cozy layers! Seriously, I love wrapping up in cozy cardigans, flannel scarves, and knit hats. Plus…

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Hiking With Kids: How to get started and what to bring!

One of our family’s favorite things to do together is go hiking! It’s something we’ve done together long before we had kids, and it’s been such a consistent part of our family’s routine that our kiddos have grown…

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Pumpkin Craft for Kids

This post was originally posted over at Craftaholics Anonymous. I’m sharing it here today, because although I originally posted this as a Halloween craft, it’s also perfect for any fall day. Can’t you picture little rows of pumpkins…