KCWC: Geometric Tees

After sewing pants and a shirt for my oldest, my two-year-old said to me, “Where’s my shirt, Mommy?” And when a child asks for handmade clothing, who am I to deny him?

Using a men’s thrifted T-shirt [made out of the SOFTEST material ever in life], I managed to make two shirts – one for my two-year-old and one for my one-year-old.

The shirts themselves are simple. Made using self-drafted patterns, I used the existing hems and snagged some ribbing from a couple other T-shirts in my stash for the contrasting necklines. I also added a band at the bottom of my one-year-old’s shirt, because I just couldn’t squeak out enough to make the shirt long enough.

After sewing them up, I wanted to add a little something to the front. Keeping it simple, I just cut some geometric shapes out of iron-on vinyl. No fancy cutting tools needed for that.

Then I looked at the shirts. And I laughed. Because please tell me I am not the only nerd who sees what I see here.

Apparently when you [nerd alert! nerd alert!] watch Star Trek while sewing, you subconsciously want to make your children dress like Star Fleet officers.

Good thing these boys look super cute, no matter what they’re wearing.

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